Barzani nominates Barham Salih to assume the presidency of the Republic

Shafaq News / Former spokesman for Kurdistan Alliance , Muayad al-Tayeb announced that the President of Kurdistan Region , Massoud Barzani will announce today

the name of the Kurdish candidate for the presidency of the Republic, after receiving authorization from all the Kurdish blocs, pointing out that the Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Salih is the favorite fortunate to win this position.

 Tayeb told the "Middle East" newspaper , followed by "Shafaq News", the secretary of Kurdistan Democratic Party , Fadhil Mirani emphasized that the Kurdish political forces have authorized Barzani to announce the name of the candidate, which is Barham Salih, who had to compete with the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the governor of Kirkuk , Najim al-Deen Kareem, stressing that Saleh is the front-runner in the competition for the job.

Tayeb explained that the Kurdish political forces have authorized Barzani to announce the Kurdish position represented that the Kurds in various powers and parties have decided, once and for all, not to participate in the government of Nuri al-Maliki presidency, adding that " Maliki’s attempts  inducing Kurdish parties ", as they were among (state of law coalition) have "completely failed."

Al-Tayeb considered that the Declaration is a message to other parties that the candidate is ready to take on the Kurdish presidency, according to these contexts, "in the forefront is replacing al-Maliki."

The oldest MP in the Iraqi parliament, Mehdi al-Hafeth has decided to postpone the session, which was scheduled yesterday until after the holiday, because of the "lack of understandings," which was considered by State of law coalition as bowing to political pressure, which pushed Hanan al-Fatlawi , MP of the coalition to announce filing a lawsuit against Hafith, for violating the Constitution, she said.


But Hafith returned and changed his mind and announced that the next meeting of the parliament will be held next Sunday.


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